Friday, April 04, 2008

Return of the Jedi : PIAS Edition

On Saturday, April 5, I'll return to Play It Again Sports. Michael, my old boss, asked if I could help out this weekend because he was short on staff. Even though it involves waking up at 8:30am on a post-Friday drink-a-thon morning, I am excited to help him out. I feel it will be a positive experience. I'll be down in Fredericksburg anyways for a friends birthday and the shift he needs me for seems to fit perfectly in my schedule.

Ahh the old job alma mater (actual PIAS not pictured):

I'm curious about how it is going to feel to be back there. The last five months have been quite traumatic and I wonder if being back in a place I really loved will be a nice break or a sad reminder. My guess is it will be a nice break. I believe I'm past that whole "I want to be back in college" phase. It's no doubt going to be weird working with the old crew and Michael. I'm sure to go down memory lane and succumb to nostalgia. Hamper back to the good-old-day of college and reflect on that tumultuous senior year. But hopefully it'll lead to some needed resolution.

If anything it will be a nice change of pace from my regular day-to-day sitting in front of a computer. As said in a previous post, I've become a depository for information. For the past five months revelations on life and living come bi-weekly (average) among those revelations is the notion that an office job is simply not for me. The need to move around, be outside once in a while, and really believe what I do is unique is now critical for happiness. Thus far in my career I've only done the extremes. I went from the exact opposite of an office job (PIAS) to the classic office job (Science). I now see these two extremes serving as well needed experience in what no to do. Thanks to both I know my ideal lies in between.

On an semi-unrelated topic I will also be picking up the rest of the Radiohead tickets from Paris. YEAH! I still need to find though, someone else to go with the group. So if you're interested in the greatest band alive, the ticket is $45.

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