Friday, March 14, 2008

Ten Blogs

I've turned into a junkie, an internet junkie. I've always been an avid surfer but now that I sit at a desk all day long with access to a high speed connection, my addiction has evolved. I am engulfed by the Web 2.0 experience. I'm working on my fifth blog now, I just can't stop! The wealth of knowledge out there is only matched by the ease of access. And in turn, I have turned into a depository for information.

From the desire to contribute all I can to the web experience I've compiled a list of 10 random blogs I really like (in no particular order):
1 Gizmodo
2 Paul Stamatiou
3 Job Bored
4 Hype Machine
5 Any Number of Things
6 Best Article Everyday
7 The Wishful Writer
8 Lifehacker
9 Download Squad
10 Valleywag

And the coolest thing about these sites is they all link to one another. It is all tailored to content! So if you find one site you really like, you'll probably find ten more. It is like the Wikipedia phenomenon. You'll go onto Wikipeida to find information about Governor Spitzer and before you know it you're reading about operation Castle Romeo.

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