Thursday, March 20, 2008

Classic Webs

Oh my GOD! Check out this classic webiste!

I made that baby back in 2004 I believe. Just another attempt at being a rock star. Look at that face! So young!

I am currently working on an entire network of blogs/websites. I've been reading a lot of articles by Paul Stamatiou (the lucky bastard). He is 21, still in college, and already has one of the hottest websites on the net. I completely understand why he is so successful. He's a great writer and has loads of useful information for those who are tech minded . I am totally jealous.

Everyone should check his website out if tech news and reviews interest you. Here are some articles I've been re-reading a lot:

How I Got A MacBook Air for $15

This one helped me with setting up a brand new mac. Behind the Scenes
This one has a lot of program/plug-in advice for high octane efficiency. Also a sort of "How to" for what I'd like to do. I just need to integrate my music/label angle.
First Impression: Dell 24"
This article helped me realize maybe one of the reason why I don't do a lot on my mac now is because I get so frustrated by the 13" screen. An external monitor, probably not as nice as PSTAMs, is next on my "To Buy" list.

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