Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why the Wii is the coolest!

Nintendo DS - 8,500,000
Wii - 6,290,000
Xbox 360 - 4,620,000
PlayStation 2 - 3,970,000
PSP - 3,820,000
PlayStation 3 - 2,560,000

2007 console sales.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

damn the new york times

Mid-life Crisis
read that.

I feel like I'm in store for a heavy mid-life crisis. It's just so "me".

"Popularly viewed as a unique developmental birthright of the human species, it supposedly strikes when most of us have finally figured ourselves out — only to discover that we have lost our youth and mortality is on the horizon."
I can totally see myself in like 20-25 years, finally have my shit worked out, look in the mirror and freak out that I'm no longer 22. I'll examine my life with a fine tooth comb and declare I've "done nothing". Every accomplishment will be insignificant in comparison to life I thought I would live; the Great Life I dreamed of as a idealistic youth. There will surely be a scene where I fall to my knees, break down and sob, shout out to the heavens and proclaim "WHY LORD? WHY?" "I've only just begun to LIVE!" (cue epic soundtrack and celine dion or whoever sang that song).

I already kinda had a 1/4 life crisis. When I turned 20 I totally freaked; seriously. I was home for the summer between sophomore and junior year. Right on July 7 I started freaking out, thinking I had some horrible disease. I turned into a slight hypochondriac. I couldn't believe I was 20. I was the baby of the family; babies aren't 20! Needless to say, it was quite a stressful experience. I eventually though got over it. Realized I was being silly and swung into junior year as a confident new 20 year old.

But this whole thing has got me thinking. If I reacted like I did to my passage from teen life to adult hood, how am I going to react when I pass into middle age? I freaked out at a moment in life most kids cannot wait to get to! How am I going to react when I enter the first days of my golden years?! Many elderly people say the best years of their life were after middle-age. So why all the fuss? The article cites a youth obsessed culture, and in part I agree with the author. I know I'm pretty youth obsessed. Hell! I'm only 22 and I'm writing about how my mid-life crisis is just around the corner!

Who knows, maybe it does come down to the fact that I might be a raving narcissist. Or it might be that I think too much. Or it might happen that by the time I get to my 40s I will have grown enough to handle feeling a little old. Or it might be nothing...

I've often quoted the once great Garth Brooks "I'm much too young to feel this damn old."

This is all of course assuming I make it past 26. the most!

oh...and another thing i realized today: women=bullets

Monday, January 14, 2008

the train

i can't help it.
i find myself staring at people on the train. it is a habit i just can't break. my sister is more notorious for it, but i'm just as guilty.
but today while commuting, i feel like my bad habit was worth something. i saw a woman with a sony walkman with over-the-head headphones. i was completely enamored with this woman. she seemed so at peace with the world; eyes closed, a slight smile, like she knew something the rest of us did not.
i don't know why, but just seeing this woman made feel so calm. in a world which has apparently outgrown cd players, let alone a tape player, she clutches her walkman with pride. and even though i don't know this woman, or what kind of person she is, it was nice to see something different on the train. i feel like public transportation is either full a bunch scowling 9-5ers who take themselves way too seriously or urban nut jobs. to see someone who appeared to be enjoying "the simple" was refreshing.