Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3D imaging and nauseous vitamins

Isn't incredible what we hold inside of us? Sometimes I forget how amazing the human body truly is. I've been watching this TV series on the Discovery Channel called "Human Body: Pushing the Limits". It is awesome. There are four episodes: "Sensation, Brain Power, Sight, and Strength". I've caught all but the "Sight" episode. While watching the show you can't help but want to take better care of yourself. You know, start going to the gym, take more vitamins, eat a more nutritious diet, etc.

However, the series led me to something interesting:

After an episode last night I had an enormous feeling of guilt. I believe it stemmed from the notion that if we don't take care of ourselves, if we don't use our bodies to their fullest potential, then we are being irresponsible human beings! Now that might sound kind of harsh and militant, but seriously, we take so much for granted when it comes to our bodies.

I'll take it as a motivator.


On another semi-related note, I feel nauseated from the vitamins I just took. So a note from the wise, take food with your multi-vitamin!

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