Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some New Features

In effort to have some content on this blog that people actually want to read, I'm going to start publishing regular features. These features will include reviews of media I read/watch/listen/experience. The segments will be broken into "First Impression", "Review", and "List". I will also start writing "How To" articles about getting started on the net and other topics that strike my fancy. Hopefully, after I put some of these articles on Digg I'll get some traffic to this site! I will continue to blog about the every day stuff I usually ramble about, this will just be an addition.

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of this new venture, I will be telling you about "Twilight". It is a book I'm reading that has already been slated for a film adaptation, release date this winter. I'm kinda behind the boat on this one, but its always that way with me and books.

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