Monday, January 14, 2008

the train

i can't help it.
i find myself staring at people on the train. it is a habit i just can't break. my sister is more notorious for it, but i'm just as guilty.
but today while commuting, i feel like my bad habit was worth something. i saw a woman with a sony walkman with over-the-head headphones. i was completely enamored with this woman. she seemed so at peace with the world; eyes closed, a slight smile, like she knew something the rest of us did not.
i don't know why, but just seeing this woman made feel so calm. in a world which has apparently outgrown cd players, let alone a tape player, she clutches her walkman with pride. and even though i don't know this woman, or what kind of person she is, it was nice to see something different on the train. i feel like public transportation is either full a bunch scowling 9-5ers who take themselves way too seriously or urban nut jobs. to see someone who appeared to be enjoying "the simple" was refreshing.

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