Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Year Zero = 2008

Time Machine at LHC

Year Zero is NOW! Watch out for the genetically modified super humans! There are reported sightings around Geneva!

Seriously, this is really cool stuff. I love physics! I am though kind of bummed out because the article says we can only travel as far back as the machine itself has existed. This means nothing before 2008, hence Year Zero.

Fantasizing about the future is quite a brain exercise. I wonder if I'll be 30 with a family and a nice suburban house or 30 with a loyal pooch and lots of excess income. Or maybe I'll have finally put out that Grammy winning rock album or HBO hit LGBT show "Plans". WHO KNOWS???

One positive thing about working at AAAS is : access to all the top peer reviewed journals. Eg. New Scientist, where I saw the article which inspired this post. I had heard about these Russian scientist in a podcast a week or so ago, but I'm just now delving into the specifics. Anywho, I highly suggest all of you out science-minded geeks out there read the article and check out the paper!

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