Monday, March 26, 2007

A Little About Jane Fromer

My name is Jane Fromer, and I am a writer and musician from Arlington, VA. I graduated from Mary Washington College with a degree in Political Science. I currently work for a scholarly journal in Washington D.C.

I have several music projects in progress. The most important being the creation of Jane Records. It is my own independent music label. Bands under this label to date are: karenjane and For Science. (Hey, you gotta start somewhere). I also have worked with Collage Records in the past. I am a big believer in simplicity and my current recording studio encompases that philosophy quite nicely. I work with a MacBook 2.2GHz laptop, M-Audio FireWire midi interface, my Ibanez AEF-18NT Acoustic Electric guitar, and a slew of music programs/plugins. If you are interested in working on music with me please email:

When I'm not pumping out the tunes I am expanding my ever growing knowledge of the tech world. I am a Web 2.0 junkie and hope to one day be a Silicon Valley mover-and-shaker. I have always been drawn to computers and technology since my Dad brought home my family's first computer (it was a Packard Bell). I recently converted to a Mac and have found greener pastures. However, I believe I'll end up being both a Mac & PC user when I can afford it.

Other than music and technology, I enjoy searching for the meaning of life. I'll be sure to post the answer when I find it!